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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Power of Girls

It may be faint, but there is a wind blowing. Girls and their issues are moving closer to a stage where more people are looking and acknowledging their power and presence.

"Every girl can become a force for change," says Dr. Helene D. Gayle, president and CEO of CARE, a humanitarian organization that fights global poverty by empowering women and girls.

Read the full article about The Power of Girls initiative put forward by CARE, the Girl Scouts of the USA, Seventeen magazine and The Documentary Group.

Although I am not a huge advocate of pledges, do check out The Power of Girls. The mission is to empower girls in the USA to stand up for girls worldwide. Their goal is to collect 50,000 pledges by International Women's Day 2011–it is a mission I can believe in.

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