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Friday, February 5, 2010

Celebrate Women's Month with our 31 Heroines of March project!

Join us for the HEROINE QUILT Project in March!

Girl Museum will be honoring the women and girls that inspired us in our girlhood each day of March in celebration of Women's History Month. Then in April, we will be transforming our 31 heroines into a virtual quilt as a part of our GirlSpeak exhibition series.

The Heroine Quilt will an indefinite project, continuously growing as more heroines are acknowledged.

We invite girls of all ages to submit a short essay (250 words max) about their real/fictional, historic/contemporary, famous/local girlhood heroine, why they were important and what impact they may still have on your life.  

If you have a favorite photo of your heroine, please also attach it to your submission.  If you have no preference, we will source one--unless it is a family member, then we need your pic!

Send your submissions (preferably in Word) along with a separate image through to  Let us know if you have any questions.

To be included in the 31 Heroines of March, the deadline is February 12, 2010.  Contributions made afterward this deadline will become part of the quilt starting in April.

Have your heroine recorded for posterity and share her with the world!

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