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Friday, April 16, 2010

First Lady Joins Girls Inc.

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

In March 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama began serving on the National Honorary Chair of the Girls Inc. Board of Directors. Girls Inc. is a non-profit organization, which hopes to inspire, educate and motive young girls to be “strong, smart, and bold.” They currently have multiple programs that help girls develop leadership and team work skills, become involved and earn higher scores in math and science, and develop skills against peer-pressure.

As the Honorary Board Chair, the First Lady will help Girls Inc. by, “creating opportunities and resources for girls to learn and grow.” Mrs. Obama has already shown her dedication to providing resources for young girls during her stay in the White House. For example, Mrs. Obama’s Let's Move! campaign promotes health awareness and the wellbeing of all girls. In the campaign video, Mrs. Obama, alongside her daughters Malia and Sasha, talk about the importance of parents and children become involved in eating healthier and becoming physically active.

Mrs. Obama’s experience in the Let’s Move! campaign goes hand-in-hand with the Girls Inc. as both programs help young girls face challenges and allow girls to discover their potential, while becoming health conscious. She stated in their press announcement that, "Exposing our young people to new ideas, introducing them to the larger world beyond their own life experiences, and inspiring them to become the leaders of tomorrow is of paramount importance and I am pleased to serve as Honorary Board Chair of Girls Inc.," said First Lady Michelle Obama.

You can become an advocate for young girls by supporting Girls Inc. and visiting the Let’s Move! campaign support pages. 

-Samantha Bradbeer
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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