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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Reel Grrls" are Making a Difference for Young Girls

Reel Grrls, a nonprofit after school program, provides hands-on media workshops for 13 to 19 year-old girls from diverse communities to feel empowered share their talent with others. Malory Graham founded Reel Grrls in 2001 after realizing her male students were “doing almost all the filming” for a film production class.  Reel Grrls allows young girls of all backgrounds to learn about filmmaking and teamwork in a comfortable all-girl setting. To learn more about the founding of Reel Grrls, please check out "Reel Grrls Make Films about Real Girls."

While transitioning into foster care, Naomi Nelson joined the Reel Grrls program after a counselor signed her up for a weekend workshop. Naomi’s passion for photography, writing and film allowed her to voice her frustrations about education in the foster care system. During after school workshops, Naomi learned how to use a camera and edit films with the help of Reel Grrls volunteers. Naomi produced the film “Why Not?” to share her story with the world and to encourage other foster youths to reach out. To learn more about Naomi and her film, please check out "‘Reel Grrls’ Making a Difference for Girls through Film."

Like Naomi Nelson, all young girls involved in the Reel Grrls program are encouraged to tell their life story and share their ideas through film. To view films created by young girls involved in the Reel Grrls program, please check out the Reel Grrls Generation of Consolidation page. Reel Grrls participants are also encouraged to look critically at how young girls and women are portrayed in the media. 

To learn more about Reel Grrls or how to get involved, please visit

-Samantha Bradbeer
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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