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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girls and Finance

When it comes to financial skills, in knowledge and confidence girls still fall behind boys, according to a report from Girls Inc., an organization that helps girls understand how economics and financial issues affect their lives and prepares them for financial independence. Discover more at the Girls Inc. Economic Literacy page.

"Women, who are trained to nurture and seek acceptance, view money as a means to create a lifestyle," says Jay MacDonald, a contributing editor for "Women spend on things that enhance day-to-day living. Theirs is a now-money orientation. Men, who are trained to fix and provide, view money as a means to capture and accumulate value. Men don't spend; they invest. Men don't want something; they need it. Theirs is a future-money orientation."

Further investigations have found that when it comes to finances girls and boys are treated very differently by parents. For example, a boy will be invited to accompany his father when purchasing a car whereas a girl usually won’t be. In addition these studies have found that boys are trained to be more self-sufficient and pragmatic with their spending whereas most girls are not encouraged to the same degree and instead they are raised to expect their parents, and then eventually a spouse or partner, to provide for them. It is essential that this attitude should change. Now more than ever it is essential that we equip girls with the skills they need to be financially independent and secure. It is a crucial life skill which is too important to be taken for granted, or worse neglected.

-Sarah Lynch
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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