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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love Yourself, Love Your Body

Shannon Wu, from Orange Village, OH, a 2010 Poster Contest Winner

As a preteen, I would always find something wrong with what I saw in the mirror. I thought my hair was too thick and not long enough, my legs were too skinny and my skin was too pale. Classmates would tease me about these qualities, so I always thought there was something wrong with the way I looked.

By the time I entered high school I started to accept myself. I’m not sure how it happened, but one day I just started to think---yeah, I’m pretty in my own way. Today, I’m thankful for my thick, long hair and in fact I actually need a hair cut! I like my fair skin, because it’s different and I stand out. My legs may still be skinny, but few people have teased me about them now that I stand tall and am proud of who I am, inside and out.

The biggest obstacle many women face is overcoming the media’s views on what an ideal woman should look like. Photos of movie stars and fashion magazine spreads make women and young girls believe we need to change something about ourselves, but the truth is these images promote impossible standards by airbrushing every flaw away. Approximately 80% of women dislike something about their body. Instead of talking about what we dislike, why don’t we talk about what we love? I love the light freckles across my nose and my blue eyes. Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?

Celebrate what you love about yourself on Love Your Body Day, Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Love Your Body Day was launched in 1998 by the National Organization for Women Foundation (NOW Foundation):

In response to unhealthy and exploitive images of women in the media, NOW Foundation established the Love Your Body Campaign to promote positive, healthy images of women and girls, protest harmful and offensive advertisements, and raise awareness about women's health issues.

 Each year, a poster contest is held to encourage the participation of young women and artists, and the resulting poster promotes the Love Your Body Day events. The project is immensely popular on high school and college campuses. In 2001, the Project was so popular that we distributed 1,500 kits for organizing programs and received endorsements from more than 850 organizations.

How can you celebrate Love Your Body Day? Indulge in your favorite food or activity, throw a private party or send a Love Your Body e-card. Please check out this year’s poster winners, which can be sent as e-cards.  For more ideas on how to celebrate, please read Love Your Body: What You Can Do.

To learn more, visit the Love Your Body Day website.
- Samantha Bradbeer
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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