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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Very Tween Halloween

Major Trouble Tween Costume

As Halloween is around the corner, many people are making the big decision on what costume or persona they will become for the day. Those who opt out of creating their own costume can turn to stores and retailers who have costume sets available for purchase, anything from a police officer to Zorro.

So what's the issue? Over the past month, many blogs and mothers have been commenting on the risqué costumes retailers have designed for "tweens." A tween is a child who ranges in age from 9-12, known for popularizing The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana as they are too young for adult costumes, yet too old for children costumes.

Though Tween costumes are said to be modified from adult costumes to have longer skirts and more overall coverage, moms have blogged that these costumes are still too sexy for their young girls.  Looking at the image of Major Trouble, I would have to agree that this costume is too short and inappropriate for a 10 year-old to wear as they are trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Even with the addition of leggings or a jacket, mothers need to consider if the costume they are purchasing could attract unwanted attention and keep their tween girl safe.

Have a great and safe Halloween!
-Vanessa Jorian
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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