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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Win a Wife?

A New Zealand radio station, The Rock FM, announced a new contest on Valentine’s Day, “Win A Wife.” The radio station contest is essentially giving away a mail order bride from Ukraine to one winner. The winner will choose a woman from the online database Endless Love (which includes teenage girls) and be flown to Ukraine on March 23 with a dozen roses, 12 nights of accommodation and $2,000 for spending money.

Many believe this ‘matchmaking’ contest and databases like Endless Love are promoting human trafficking. Just a day after the contest was announced the Ukrainian Association of New Zealand and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia has filed a complaint to New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority and with The Rock FM’s owner MediaworksThe Ukrainian Ambassador believes this contest is an “indecent demonstration of low taste and cultural standards as well as utter disrespect and violation of human dignity.” "Stop the Rock’s ‘Win a Wife’ campaign", a Facebook group, has been trying to put pressure on the radio station’s advertisers.

After feedback from the press and letters from the Ukrainian Ambassador, The Rock told listeners to tune in for a big announcement by management. What was the big announcement? The Rock decided to change the contest name from “Win A Wife” to “Win A Trip To Beautiful Ukraine For 12 Nights And Meet Eastern European Hot Lady Who Maybe One Day You Marry.” The Rock’s program director, Brad King, told the media last week, “Some people think it’s a little stupid, others see it as what it is, a tongue-in-cheek idea that gives someone the opportunity of a lifetime to travel on an all expenses paid trip to the Ukraine.”

Interested in learning about human trafficking? Please check out the Girl Museum’s Girl for Sale exhibition on March 31st.
- Samantha Bradbeer
Junior Girl
Girl Museum, Inc.

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