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Friday, May 13, 2011

Social networking, sexuality, and private schools

What would you do if, as a girl, you were suspended from school for posting a fact about yourself on Facebook? Would you call it unfair? Would you try to fight back? Unfortunately, as one girl in California found out, it’s acceptable for private schools in the United States to kick students out for some of their personality facets.

In this case, 15-year-old Alexandria Kraft says a teacher at her Christian school came to her with the knowledge that Alexandria had come out as bisexual on her Facebook page. This teacher told her that her sexuality was not accepted at the school, and that she would need to leave. A school official followed up with Alexandria's mother to confirm that she could not return to school. School officials also asked Alexandria's mother if she knew of any other gay or bisexual students at the school.

This is all perfectly legal in California, because two years ago the California State Supreme Court ruled that civil rights and anti-discrimination laws don’t have to be upheld in private schools. So while a public school would not be allowed to discriminate against a gay or bisexual student, Alexandria's school has the right to dismiss her.

It's disturbing that an institution dedicated to helping children learn and grow would disrupt a student's education because it believes that her sexuality is a sin. It's also worrisome that teachers seem to have taken it upon themselves to monitor their students' online activities. I only hope that this school can look at all their students as people who want and deserve to learn, and who should be allowed to conduct their private lives without harassment.

-Miriam Musco
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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