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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tell Somebody

According to Glamour magazine, nearly 60% of young women have suffered relationship abuse, whether verbal or physical, in America.  Approximately four women a day are killed by relationship violence.  How can you help?  Stand up by telling somebody.

The “Tell Somebody” campaign was created after Glamour’s Liz Brody started to research relationship abuse with the help of criminology expert James Alan Fox, Ph.D.  Their findings showed that “domestic-violence deaths overall have dropped markedly over the past decades,” however “among women who are dating—as opposed to married—the homicide rate is climbing.”   The Glamour/Harris Interactive survey, completed by more than 2,500 women, showed that relationship abuse is common.  A full 29% of respondents said they’d been in an abusive relationship—and an additional 30% said they hadn’t, but then went on to acknowledge that at some point they’d been degraded; threatened with a gun or knife; or otherwise harmed by a partner.

The “Tell Somebody” campaign allows women the opportunity to feel open about talking about relationship violence.  Seven women have shared their stories on Glamour’s website in hopes that other young women will stand up, tell somebody, and take action. To hear these women's stories, please watch the “I Survived Relationship Abuse” videos.

To learn more, check out Glamour’sTell Somebody” campaign and take a look at “How You Can Help Put a Stop to Relationship Violence.”

-Samantha Bradbeer
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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