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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dilemmas when picking gifts for girls

Pillow Featherbed, a rag doll of the Lalaloopsy trademark.

If you are often puzzling over the best gift to buy for a girl, whether it is for a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a young cousin, or a close friend’s or colleague’s daughter, maybe it would be helpful to think outside the box. Let’s not forget that sometimes a gift becomes a success if it is used as a point of reference for future endeavors or when serving to raise awareness of educational and green issues. Of course there is a ‘golden rule’ in giving away, which is taking into consideration the receiver’s personal attributes and hobbies. The second factor you need to clear out is the available expenditure. So, once you have figured out for whom you are making a decision and how much you are willing to spend, you can narrow down your research to less and more appropriate choices.  Some unique and interesting choices can be found here.

A nice and handy idea is a pastry book for beginners, which could hopefully boost a hidden flair or at least add to the mother-and-daughter cherished baking moments together. Another low-cost solution, but greatly eco-friendly, is to buy her a small cactus or an orchid. Both plants can endure for years given that they are nursed properly, which is enough motivation for her to learn more about their cultivation and care needs.

In choosing a cost-effective present, a telescope is a favorable option. No matter how unusual for a girl, you can contribute to memorable stargazings. Alternatively, you can generously offer two tickets to an opera or ballet performance that she can attend with another family member or friend. Maybe it sounds boring for a kid, but reminiscing this moment in the future she will undoubtedly appreciate the experience. Instead, you can select a suitable frame of a prominent art painting and personalize it with a caption that includes some information on the artist's history and works, encouraging any cultural or artistic concern.

Besides all the aforementioned, you can always play it safe and get a cute toy, yet with a meaningful touch. Lalaloopsy, for example, are more than ordinary dolls. They stand for a ‘back to basics’ concept, supported by the different ‘sewn on date’ storytelling and the personalities related to the fabrics, from which they were made. A classical jigsaw is never out of fashion, but you’d better make sure that the theme is not too childish, in case the game is to be discovered again at an older age. If she wishes to reassemble the pieces and hang it on the wall, the picture better be worth the trouble.

On second thought, just putting your mind and heart to the gift can never fail!

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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