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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

I was never really one of those girls who loved Disney movies. If anything, I loved the villains. To me, the villains had far more depth and intellect than the ‘princesses’ who seemingly just batted their eyelashes and were burdened with baggage, and it always saddened me that the villains never won. The only thing the princesses gave me was an improbable belief of what hair girls can expect to have.

Last week I saw the above photo, and it made me understand just why I never was a fan of the Disney females.  They are all hoping that their beauty and womanly wiles will save them and this angered me. It made me realise that the numerous females out there who idolise Disney to any extent are setting themselves up for failure. Not only does it perpetuate the search for ‘Prince Charming’ – I fear now a long, lost cause – but it also helps to keep the stereotypes of the feeble woman. There are hardly any valiant princesses out there (Mulan being the only one who springs to mind and she wasn’t even a princess!).

The Walt Disney Company should be putting a ‘better spin’ on their characters. They did try this by introducing the first black princess in The Princess and the Frog, but as yet, I am waiting for a bald princess that would shatter the unrealistic expectations of hair and would give those girls who are suffering from cancer something to relate to. Disney has a lot to answer to, and I feel that it should work on becoming more inspirational where the women are independent and may occasionally save the men.

-Natalie Moyanah
Junior Girl
Girls Museum Inc.

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  1. Indeed, the Disney princesses are all alike and fail to spark any kind of inventive 'girl power'. I would also like to see a straightforward genius and even a sharp villain, like the female version of Joker for a change!