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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

31 Heroines of March 2012: Chiara Benzoni

Chiara L. - Trailblazing Teacher and Mother

My heroine is Chiara. As the first of four children born in a family with limited means, she was destined to go into a manual trade right after the fifth grade. She fought and worked hard for her right to an education and was the first in her family to get a university degree. As a teacher, principal, and active member of the community, she mentored many young people, guiding them to find their own heart's calling. She personally taught me the value of learning, hard work, honesty, and standing up for what’s right. Through her example, I've learned that there are no obstacles big enough to get in the way of achieving one’s dream. And, with a good dose of determination and willingness to do what it takes, anything can be accomplished. She's inspired many around her and has demonstrated many times that when we have the courage to go for our dreams and share our gifts, we set an example for others to follow.

She was and is a trailblazer in her community and I’m proud to say that Chiara is my heroine and my mom.

Ilaria Benzoni-Clark
Contributing Girl

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