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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls Rock!

Zoe Thomson

Zoe Thomson has quickly become one of the coolest girls I have ever read about!  Along with four boys, age range 8–10, Zoe aged 8 is a guitarist in The Mini Band out of Berkshire, UK.  The young band has already become quite the sensation with multiple gigs around the country, television appearances, and even a personalized message from the band Metallica prompted by an impressive cover of Metallica’s song ‘Enter Sandman.’  Each band member has been taught at Lets Play Rock!, which includes Newbury Rock School, fostering these talents into the worldwide sensation that they have become.  

Zoe herself has become an internet hit with global recognition for her exceptional guitar skills.  Having first picked up a guitar at 5 years old and taking her first guitar lesson at 6, Zoe has rapidly developed her musical talent and now showcases that talent as lead guitarist in a rock band.  She became an internet sensation after posting a few YouTube videos, most notably the video of her playing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses, which has reached over 2.5 million views.  It is really quite amazing to see her small hands own that guitar and travel up and down the neck so quickly yet with such ease.  Not only a truly amazing feat but empowering for other young girl musicians to view her as a role model in such a male-dominated field.  And the music industry is taking notice.  Zoe is currently endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars who make instruments specifically for girls.  Zoe is a real inspiration and I for one am excited to see this young girl's career take off!

-Marisa Lindholm
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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