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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Men are just big boys – can women be big girls too?

Roller Girl
We’ve all heard the sayings ‘men never grow up’ and ‘boys and their toys’  but recently I started wondering whether girls too have childhood games or toys that they have never really given up. According to a recent article, a man’s toys are an expression of his identity and give him the sense of being king of his own little kingdom. I can see how this is true; nearly every man I know spends time in his own virtual kingdom of video games. Many express themselves through the collection of figurines, comics, toy trains, even BMX bikes! No-one questions this as it has become a social privilege of being a man.

Women on the other hand have no such social privilege. You don’t hear of the girl who collects comics, rides a BMX and spends most weekends on her Xbox, but why not? I decided to do a bit of research and found that nearly all new adult gadgets are primarily aimed at men and those that were aimed at women were not toys but gadgets to help with the washing up or gardening!

Is it that women do enjoy playing games and using gadgets but because it’s not socially accepted, they don’t make a habit of it? I certainly indulge in a few childish pastimes; I still own a skipping rope and if it’s a nice day I occasionally go out and practice my crossovers, I also enjoy dance and sports video games along with many other women I know.

Having asked around, there are many girls over the age of 20 who still love their cuddly toys, have collectable figurines and who still use their rollerblades. All of these however are occasional enjoyments to women, whereas for men it is a regular escape and if the men are all playing, then it looks like it’s up to us girls to take care of the real world!

 Thankfully there are still female ambassadors out there for the girls who do love to play, including Suzie Perry from British TV’s ‘The Gadget Show’ but these are few and far between, so if you too are a big kid I say speak up, after all why should the boys get to have all the fun!

-Emma Hatherall
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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