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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Say no to persecution in the press

Livvy James with her mother.

Ten year old Livvy James has gender dysphoria. Born a boy – Samuel – Livvy always felt that she should be a girl.

Having lived as a girl at home she took the decision, supported by her school and her family, to return for the new school year as a girl in September and live as Livvy in the public eye rather than privately in her own environment.

Criticism has come from many quarters, including the press, that her mother shouldn’t encourage her behaviour and that she will eventually grow out of this phase and so shouldn’t be displaying it to everyone.

Livvy herself has publicly reported on television that she often feels frustrated and angry at the treatment she receives – sometimes even suicidal.

Her mother Saffy explains that the school has been very supportive of the way in which Livvy and although she is still occasionally called a freak the bullying has overall decreased since she began living her life publicly as opposed to privately.

Livvy cannot have any treatment for her gender dysphoria for another two years and is not allowed to take female hormones until she turns sixteen.

She is now campaigning against the use of derogatory terms in the press, such as ‘tranny’ and ‘gender confused,’ as they leave emotional scars for those suffering with conditions such as hers. There have been almost 2000 signatures on her petition already and it will eventually be passed to the Press Association.

Livvy James may only be ten but she is an inspiration to us all.

-Jessica Galley
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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