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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Career girls on the run

Today the 22nd Global Summit of Women opens up in Athens, Greece under the catchphrase “Women, the engine of economic growth.” This annual forum, also known as ‘The Davos for women,’ is an international initiative that seeks to promote women's economic advancement through the dissemination of rational strategies in all fields of leadership and management. More than 80 countries will be represented in the meeting and all the auspicious areas of economic growth will be examined at the mercy of the global crisis. The place and time couldn’t be more appropriate to focus on women, who seem to be the first and eternal victims of unemployment worldwide. So, I can’t help but wonder; how feasible is a first-class career for a modern girl?

Blogs upon blogs, as well as numerous websites, are devoted to helping young women in sorting out their professional life. Most suggestions either follow the steps of a felicitous entrepreneur or feature vague tips based on a personal point of view. I argue that it’s only a matter of helpful advice as far as the resume and interview are concerned. Nor is it about dressing codes or keeping up with the latest marketing trends. At what turning point did the career girl equate more or less to the ‘it girl'? I really can’t tell, but the pressure on behalf of the fashion industry to transform everyday girls on their way to work into cover girls is the least discomforting. I know for sure that it would be more preferable to boost female morale, rather than cultivating insecurities. Of course, actual prosperity in business depends on way more than these simplistic guidelines.

Although inspiration can be easily found in smart people and emblematic professionals, it's not as simple to climb up the ladder of success in person. I consider as one of the greatest prerequisites for any job candidate to be the awareness of the impending competition. When applying for a vacancy, the truth is that it’s like putting yourself in a pool of rivals, who are likely to be much more experienced and qualified. It is beneficial to understand this in advance, so that any further disappointment won’t be discouraging from trying again. As for advice, it is all written in the poster.

I hope that something promising will come out of the aforementioned gathering or future ones for the working girls. Let’s all hope that such proposals won’t prove to be a chimera, but a viable reality for most girls that strive in the labor arena.

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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