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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Female Body Building

Kellie Everts

Body building for women is something that is often frowned upon by many, the idea of women with bulging muscles can seem unnatural to many, but is it really given a fair assessment?

Female body building started to take off in the early 70’s when, in 1975, Kellie Everts first appeared in Esquire magazine, which then led to competitive female bodybuilding competitions and the eventual emergence of the Ms Olympia contest in 1980. These were the years before steroids took over the sport and body building for women was a seen as a beauty pageant for strong and toned women.
Today, however, the professional women body builders are rarely spoken of; that was until celebrity Jodie Marsh decided to take up the sport. This has brought body building back into the public eye again, but unfortunately has not eradicated the idea that body building is still about bulging muscles and fake tan. If the idea is looked at more closely however there are many positives to taking up this niche sport. Marsh claims that body building has made her feel sexy and brought her great happiness, and with a greatly toned body along with the endorphins that all that exercise realises it’s no wonder she feels great.

Body building can tone and curve the body, which is especially useful after childbirth as it also deals with excess skin, it can also increase the metabolism rate. Many women shy away from weights as they don’t wish to end up with large obvious muscles but in actual fact it is much harder for women to build up their muscles to a great extent due to their low levels of testosterone. I for one feel that the benefits of bodybuilding have been overlooked for too long and think it’s about time that women started to go back to its basics and fit weights into their regular exercise routine – after all if nothing else it would mean that you could start moving those heavy boxes without having to wait around for someone else to help you!

-Emma Hatherall
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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