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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's play talk!

A Dora the Explorer doll and accessories.

At the end of April, a fairly debatable article was published on the Sun’s website concerning a Dora the Explorer doll. More specifically, a mother from London was appalled to hear her three year old daughter, along with her friends, say 'Let’s play sex.' I think we all agree that it should have been a great shock to hear that phrase coming from kids aged just three! When asked to apologize, little Jamie-Leigh Stutter replied that she learned it from Dora. The mum, Joanna Greene, realised that the harmless toy might have been manufactured to squeeze and teach much more than appropriate words. Fisher Price stated that the company would go on to investigate the weird conduct of the doll.

On a further notice though, this may not be exactly the case. The vast majority of the article’s comments maintain that the doll actually says 'Let's play fetch,' which is reasonable. Being parents themselves, some blame the mother for craving publicity, others give the young girl the benefit of the doubt due to her age and few more acknowledge a bad marketing trick on account of the makers. There is a short video available in the news article, showing Dora pronouncing the phrase at issue. You can watch it and make your own assumptions.

Nevertheless, this is only an innocent fact that still encourages the awareness amongst parents in the direction of sex education. No matter how early the question pops up, mums and dads need to be prepared in order to give the right answer and guidance. Parents might find this infographic very helpful.

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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