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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why the rush for babies after marriage?

The Duchess of Cambridge talks to father Vic Vicary (Picture:John Stillwell/PA)
One year on after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and all everyone seems to be talking about is how long will it be until we get another royal baby. In this day and age though is this still the one and only purpose of marriage? 

With the increasing number of women choosing a career over family and the increasing number of broken homes, does it now leave marriage as merely a symbol that one is ready to start a family as quickly as possible? Why can’t marriage be just that – a marriage between two people that are willing to support and love each other for the rest of their lives – surely it would be nice to enjoy time as just a partnership before entering into the financial drain and all encompassing mission of raising children.  

There are at least some experts that would agree that a marriage without children can lead to the most happiness. Some, however, believe that a marriage without children isn’t really a marriage at all – just a long date!  These views then drift through society and we end up with just another question in the small talk of life:

Single? Don’t worry the right bloke will come along.
Boyfriend? When’s he going to pop the question?
FiancĂ©e? When’s the wedding date?
Married? Won’t be long before we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet then!

For William and Kate, it is just another question along in the line of what society says they should be doing. So for their sake and the sake of all young people I say we should throw out the old expectations and introduce just one small talk question – Are you happy? Because surely this is all that really matters.

-Emma Hatheral
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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