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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girl forgoes presents to raise money for charity

Winter's appeal on the EarthRangers website

Think back to a birthday when you were a girl.  Can you imagine giving up all those toys and presents in exchange for donating money to a charity?  Well that is exactly what 7-year-old Winter Slade has done!  This exceptional girl decided that instead of receiving gifts from family and friends for her birthday, she wanted them to donate money to her favorite nature conservation charity, Earth Rangers.  Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that “believes in the power of kids like you to take action to help protect wildlife.” 

Winter initially got the idea after seeing a public service announcement on television of the ‘Bring Back the Wild’ campaign for the charity which encourages kids to have birthday parties where they forgo receiving gifts in exchange for donating money to help protect an animal of their choosing.  The Pine Marten was Winter’s animal choice and a goal of raising $500 was set to protect her favorite furry animal. "I thought it was awesome," said Michelle Slade, who, along with Winter and her other four kids, lives in London, Ontario. "She thought that was a great idea because she had enough toys already."

Unfortunately not everyone thought Winter’s idea was so ‘awesome.’  A few of the mothers at Winter’s school commented on the idea calling it ‘stupid,’ completely crushing Winter to tears.  Well this in turn put supportive mum Michelle into action who appealed to the public on the social networking site in an attempt to restore some of her daughter’s faith in others.

Within just a few days of the posting, Winter had not only reached her initial goal but had raised over $2500.  This wonderful story that Michelle shared not only brought attention to her giving daughter but also to the Earth Rangers and the cause Winter cares so much about.

-Marisa Lindholm
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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