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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home and Away: Girls of the British Empire

Girl Museum is thrilled to announce that our newest exhibition, Home and Away: Girls of the British Empire, is now open. Sixty years ago, a young Elizabeth became Queen of the largest Empire the world has ever known. And though the world has changed tremendously since then, life was and still is different for everyone and depends on who your family is, where they come from, as well as where you live.

Girls who lived in the British Empire were in many ways voiceless and vulnerable. It is significant to consider since millions of girls today are still affected by decisions made during this era. These girls live around the world in places like Africa, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, East Asia, India, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and of course Great Britain.

Explore what life was like for girls throughout the British Empire, and visit the Home and Away: Girls of the British Empire exhibition. And remember, Girl Museum is always open and always free, so please tell your friends.

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