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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How much alcohol is enough?

One of Anna Utopia Giordano’s pop bottles, part of an art project to raise social awareness on teen alcohol abuse.

Who doesn’t remember those banal phrases with which our parents used to escort us to the door as teenagers? ‘Don’t talk to strangers,’ ‘Don’t be late,’ ‘Don’t drink.’ And it’s only now as grownups that we get what they actually meant, isn’t it?

Despite the repeated warnings, probably some of us had a few forbidden sips at teenage parties. An innocent slip is one thing, while crossing the line into abuse is a very serious matter. Unfortunately the limits are overstepped intensively by underage drinkers and there are indications that girls keep up with the boys as regards this hazardous habit. There is an upsetting tendency towards drinking on behalf of the teens, even a precocious familiarity with liquor brands. As for the origins of alcohol dependence amongst teen girls, specialists underline the significance of psychological factors, such as stress and depression, the parent paradigm, as well as other common patterns manifested in the particular age range, like peer pressure and aping behaviour. Much the same goes for smoking. 

Recently a new dispute kindled in the UK, soon after Scotland went on to apply a minimum pricing for alcohol as a policy to prevent citizens from drinking. Some people argue that this measure will not make any difference on regional or national level and it’s likely that they’re right. Maybe societies need to start from scratch; a better policy in the long run would include a solid educational programme against alcohol misuse and rigid restrictions of spirits commercials. 

Alcohol binging can never turn out safe and it will surely ruin the fun. Because there is no better feeling than waking up in the morning with every single detail in mind of last night's gig or getting carried away by the sheer amusement you had with a bunch of good friends. Life is truly enjoyable when it's experienced in sobriety. Maybe girls just want to have fun, but they can definitely manage without the alcohol excess.

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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