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Monday, June 18, 2012

To Perfume or not to perfume?

People wear perfume for many reasons: for some a certain scent may provoke memories, maybe their grandmother wore that scent or it reminds them of a certain time in their life; others may use it as a form of individuality; and many believe the right perfume can help attract a partner. 

We all love a good perfume and certain smells can make us happier, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. I like to go swimming once in a while and have, on several occasions, choked and spluttered as a great waft of heavy scent swims across my path. Why wear perfume in the pool?! Many people that overdo the heavy scent also end up transferring that smell onto their belongings. Now I can see how this may be sentimental in some cases – a scented jumper that still smells like someone you loved perhaps, but do people’s books and CDs really need to smell like them?

Heavy perfume is more of an old fashioned trend – in Louis XIV’s time it was merely used to mask the lack of hygiene. Now however, breathing in the scent of someone’s perfume is seen as more intimate, a smell that should be apparent only to those in very close contact with you.  Unfortunately this new perfume etiquette in the amount and strength of perfume people wear has not reached all sectors of society. Women of an older generation, for example, still stick to the same heavy scent they wore as a teenager and men under the age of 35 still seem to feel that the more scent the better – thanks to the 25 years of advertising by the Lynx marketing department. 

Sure, a heavy scent will get you noticed, but think about  all those people that you can’t go near after swamping yourself in chemicals because they’re allergic to them, never mind the fact that they will have difficulty breathing. Also remember that it is pheromones that primarily create the ‘chemistry’ between partners; the more perfume you wear – the less of you they get to smell.

-Emma Hatherall
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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