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Friday, June 15, 2012

Workplace Fashion

Times are tough, and many people are seeking to get themselves an edge when seeking new work, a promotion, or a desire to stand out (in a good way) to their employer. One fast way of changing the way others perceive us is to dress to impress. A post on Above the Law recently interviewed Anna Akbari, a ‘thinking person’s stylist.’ Akbari’s advice here is specifically tailored towards those working in law; more specifically, women:
While most men are able to slip into a suit and head out into the world looking dapper as can be, women have to worry about their hair, their makeup, their Spanx, their heel height, their bra, their accessories, and most importantly, the social mores of their office.
Doesn’t seem entirely fair, does it? When talking about male workers in law, Akbari seems to assume that they are more powerful than their female associates, who should dress to please them and not themselves. But continuing to do that will just reinforce sexist stereotypes about women in the workplace; that appearance matters more than competence. It seems like something from a storyline in Mad Men.

We all judge others on appearance, and dressing in a manner that’s appropriate for your workplace, whatever that may be, is important. Until very recently, I was looking for employment and I spent a great deal of time choosing what to wear because I wanted to convey to the interviewers that I was a well put-together candidate. I’d like to think though that I was chosen for my competencies and not because I wore a skirt instead of trousers.

-Sarah Jackson
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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  1. Totally agree - so hard to decide what to wear to work everyday, and you have the pressure of finding different outfits everyday - can't turn up in the same suit 5 days in a row like a man can.