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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All eyes on Aelita!

Abstract expressionist painter Aelita Andre.

You might already be familiar with Aelita Andre, owing to the massive fuss over her lately. However, for the rest that this name doesn’t ring a bell, you might feel awe to learn that she is a 5 year old acknowledged painter of abstract expressionism.

This girl from Australia is special, considering that she started painting before turning one year old and it was crystal clear that she mastered a sheer perception of color as well as a thorough understanding of the craft itself. Both of her parents are artists, so she had all the impetus she could ask for, but further on she seemed to surpass her inspirators’ expectations. Aelita adopted certain techniques with the use of acrylics and three-dimensional objects on canvases, which developed to an openly abstract expressionist and surrealist style. Many media sources dubbed her 'the next Jackson Pollock,' 'the Pee-wee Picasso,' and even paralleled her artworks to those of Salvador Dali. At the age of two, she was given the opportunity to display her work in a group exhibition at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne. Last summer she presented her first solo exhibition, The Prodigy of Color, at the Agora Gallery in New York, while her second solo show, Secret Universe, is currently running at the same art space until the beginning of July.

Confronting widespread doubts regarding Aelita's genuine talent and brainstorm, the parents denied that they had any interference--non genetic at any rate--in their daughter's artistic process. This is why Michael Andre published a number of short films with his daughter painting in real time. As you can see in this video, Aelita remains a normally cheerful and energetic kid. These qualities of her age along with an exquisite talent dominate her work. Although it’s too early for her to be attached to nicknames of great art masters, slowly but surely Aelita is heading to a bright future and a mainstream approbation.

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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