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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Posed to Perfection?

The Spice Girls in London, promoting Viva Forever, the new Spice Girls musical.
© Rex

We all want to look good in photos, especially posed ones at weddings, birthdays, and other special events. Many women I know have a go to pose for photos and they subsequently look great in every photo. Nothing wrong with that, right? What’s wrong with wanting to look good in a photo? Well, nothing, of course. But sometimes the poses can start to take over the photo.

For instance, in this slideshow from Yahoo, we can clearly see how Victoria Beckham has perfected her photograph pose to show her body off at its best. The slideshow is not called “Victoria Beckham’s History of Awesome Poses” however; it’s called “Victoria Beckham’s History of Awkward Poses.” Her signature pose doesn’t always look great in the context of the photo. In the latest pictures of the Spice Girls, the other women are standing with their arms around each other, smiling happily to the camera, whilst Victoria is standing slightly away from them, apparently to give herself room to pose. She looks as though she cares more about looking good than she does reuniting with her former bandmates, which seems to clash with the Spice Girls’ new musical, Viva Forever’s message about the importance of friendship in the face of fame.

Thanks to social media, we are sharing more photos of ourselves with the world than ever before. Looking through these photos, you can see the same posing tricks over and over again. It’s starting to look not only a little boring, but also worrying. Young girls are seen posing in the same way as adult women; sometimes, in ways that are arguably supposed to make the poser look more sexually attractive. I don’t need to tell you why this is a problem.

Yes, we want to look good in photos. But I also want my photos to reflect what was happening in my life. In all of my graduation photos I am either looking the wrong way, blinking, or laughing; I look, at best, like an enormous dork. But that’s fine, because I also look proud, and happy to be with my friends and family. To me, that’s the memory I want preserved; not that I know how best to angle my body for the camera. 

-Sarah Jackson
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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  1. Yes...and the Queen waves like she does so the flab under her arms doesn't jiggle.
    I can't remember where I heard it, but it's said we are our own worse critics. Photos are quite telling, so if you're in an 'image matters' career it behooves you to practice your angles and poses. Hopefully you can pull them off to look natural. Like a lousy comedian, it comes off as tragic when the ploy fails, eh!