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Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to school and loving it!

The bitter truth for kids (unfortunately, this goes only for the industrialized countries) is that September is the month of the ‘back-to-school psychology.’ I remember myself never being completely ready to enter the classroom after the nonchalance of summer vacation; nor were my fellow pupils. It takes time for every kid to adjust to the changes of a new school year.

As it goes with every uncomfortable situation, the best norm is to focus on the bright side--in this case, the pros of school life. To begin with, parents and teachers can reverse the negativity of children with tiny ‘distractions.’ Sooner or later, kids will have to encounter the obligations and the challenges of being a student, so principally they must be reminded of the things that they subconsciously love about school, like mingling with coevals, building friendships, having fun at recess/breaks, or going on field trips. The good old-fashioned shopping therapy might be another way of getting kids back on track by emphasizing on the classroom equipment, such as basic stationery and backpacks.

Teachers have their own considerable share in making pupils feel welcome in the classroom, especially the first day. They can encourage kids to exchange their summer memories or maybe photographs, thus making the passage to responsibility more accommodating. Collaboration activities are highly recommended to create an ambiance of community amongst the students. For the more daring teachers, the engagement of students in a worldwide educational program might be the best introduction to the new school year and inspire the desired appreciation of education, which is often taken as granted.

Whatever means applied, the key is communication. In the learning process there isn't anything more critical than getting through to each and every student, so a strong impact from day one is a prerequisite.

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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