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Friday, September 7, 2012

Join Girl Museum and support our mission

Girl Museum is always looking for community involvement and support, and we've got a wide range of ways to get involved. We're always interested in taking on new interns, or if you're not interested in a longer-term commitment, why not get involved with an exhibition? If you've got an idea for an exhibition, we'll help you develop it and put it online. If you're part of an organization who would like to partner with Girl Museum to produce an exhibition, we'd like to hear about it.

The Girl Museum blog is another way to get involved. Have a news story about girls?  Know something cool that girls would like to know? Go ahead and tell us about it, and we can post it on our blog. Know a girl who's excited about a book she just finished? Have her write about it and submit it for the Girls Book Blog.

There are plenty of other ways to support Girl Museum as well. Tell your friends and neighbors, and promote us within your social networks. Visit the Girl Museum Boutique, or send us a donation.

As always, be sure to visit Girl Museum and take a look at all our exhibitions! Also, please visit Girl for Sale, a collaboration between Girl Museum and the American Poetry Museum.

The Head Girl can be reached here. And remember, Girl Museum is always open and always free.

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