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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Legacy on the Sports Field

Grass running track at Bath Lane Recreation Ground
   Copyright David Martin

With London the stage for the Olympic and Paralympic Games the heroes and heroines of our nation have been brought to the fore and celebrated accordingly. While I have enjoyed “the greatest show on earth,” the politics of the whole affair have not escaped my notice. Words like diversity, legacy, and inclusion are being thrown around until all meaning of the words is lost. This point is apparent in the wonderful BBC parody Twenty Twelve, which gives us a comedic insight into issues the Twenty Twelve Deliverance team might have to face.

Though the word legacy might be spoken by every politician over the next month, many might not be considering what this really means. My hope is that serious attention, funding, and support will be the legacy of London 2012 to many sporting organisations. There are several organisations out there who have contributed directly and indirectly to our sporting success and it would be fantastic to see them get some recognition.  One of these is the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation who are running their excellent GoGirl campaign to create the biggest ever celebration of female sporting achievement. Another example is who provide inspiring information for parents, kids, and teens about health and sports and have a specific outline with suggestions from the Women’s Sports Foundation, founded by Billie Jean King,  encouraging young girls to get involved.   

My interest in sport developed quite late in life; in fact I only discovered the joys and benefits of team sports when I was at university and used to be indifferent to and almost dread sports when I was at school.  Hopefully the next generation will be inspired by organisations like these and the Games and be provided with the support and equipment they need to feel the benefits of sport from an early age.  With the end of the summer holidays and a return to the classroom will the London 2012 legacy see that sports are promoted in schools for all to enjoy?

-Kay Whitehead
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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