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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dressing Down for the Occasion

I recently read an article by Liz Jones pondering why it is that we no longer get dressed up anymore and I found myself questioning my own wardrobe choices. In 1908 books were published with specific dress codes for every occasion – even down to receiving a visit at home; ‘shirt and blouse or simple house dress, low shoes, small and delicate jewellery.’ In the 1940s a women got dressed up every morning before she left the house, they always looked smart and well turned out.

Nowadays, however, not many people seem to know what kind of dress is appropriate: the clothes are getting smaller, tighter, sloppier, while the amount of make-up is increasing. It is in the modern day we see people doing the food shopping in their pyjamas, celebrities turn up to award ceremonies in little more than handkerchiefs and, due to too many turning out like ‘commoners,’ Royal Ascot has to tighten its dress code. It is a trap we have all fallen into at one time or another, myself included. There are the days when you go for comfort over style, scrape your hair back and fall out the house in your comfy jumper.  The lack of defined rules also makes dressing for occasions very difficult: is it ultra-formal, or do they just want you to look smart?

The answer to the problem of an increasingly dress down and glam up generation? Do the opposite perhaps – dress up: wear a tailored suit and lose the false eyelashes.

-Emma Hatherall
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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