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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Girl Museum is growing up

It's hard to believe, but Girl Museum is no longer an infant—at 3.5 years, we are an excited and inquisitive toddler in desperate need of room to grow, play, and explore. Thankfully for us, that doesn't mean building a big, expensive new wing, but rather a new website, one designed to grow with Girl Museum.

While we don't have to pay for marble flooring or health and safety compliance, virtual expansion still requires funds for a designer, web developer, maintenance, and all the little costs that come with owning a virtual home. To achieve this, we are raising a minimum of $5000 by December 14, 2012. Your donation will support Girl Museum's expanding programs, innovative exhibitions, the Girl Culture Archive, and an online Girlhood Resource Center, as well as cool interactive art history and girl culture games for young and old!

If you donate as an individual, your name will be added to the Patrons' Roll of Honor and you'll be invited to submit a photo of a girl in your family to become part of the Girl Museum collage showcasing the beautiful faces that make up our online community. Alternately, if you make an organizational donation, we can add your logo.

Every bit takes us closer to our goal, so please spare a thought, and a coin, for the girls of today and tomorrow to help Girl Museum move into a new home. With your help, Girl Museum can remain always open and always free.

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