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Friday, October 12, 2012

Help Girl Museum win $2500

GOOD news! Girl Museum has been accepted to compete for the GOOD Maker Challenge to Empower Women and Girls. If we win, we'll be awarded $2500 to create Celebrate Girlhood: The Exhibition. The grant would allow us to produce the resources needed to directly work with girls worldwide to create this on-going exhibition.

But we need your help to win. GOOD Maker grants are voted on by the public, so the only way we can win is with your help and your vote. This grant would go a long way in helping Girl Museum to fulfil our mission of celebrating and empowering girls worldwide, so please, vote for us, and ask your friends, your neighbors, and your classmates and/or workmates to do the same. We need your support!

Voting is from from October 18th until November 2nd, 2012. Our GOOD Maker page is here for more information and voting.

With your support, Girl Museum is always open and always free.

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