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Monday, October 15, 2012

Spoilt for Choice

After reading some of the other girl’s blogs this week I started reflecting on how lucky I am to live the life I lead. Every day I am faced with choices and a variety of options in all areas of my life from my lunch and my outfit, to my career and my education. Being able to make decisions and taking responsibility for them is something we might avoid every now and then, but we should not take it for granted and in fact remember to take pleasure in this privilege that is considered one of our basic rights.

Unfortunately, many girls in the past went without this basic right. Even more unfortunately, many still do today. Hopefully campaigns such as United Nation’s Girl Up and their first successful International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October will make progress in rectifying this issue and raising awareness.   
During the 19th century the lives of women in Britain improved dramatically, as this interactive quiz will show. For instance, it wasn’t until 1857 that women who were legally separated from their husbands were given some control over their own income. Each point in history where women’s lives in Britain have improved is a startling reminder of how far we have come and how far many women in many countries have yet to go. It is still difficult for me to comprehend that women in Britain have had the vote for less than 100 years. I just hope the progress going on today doesn’t take quite so long.   

-Kay Whitehead
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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