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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Help Girl Museum Grow

Girls are everywhere making a difference in the world. From Malala's amazing sacrifice for girls' education to the thousands of girls who are standing up every day for a better future, we celebrate them all.

Girl Museum was founded 3.5 years ago in order to bring the lives of girls to the fore, to value their struggles, achievements and daily lives through our exhibitions. Now we need more room to grow. Luckily for us, that means getting a fresh 'big girl' website. You can be part of the 'code and mortar' of our new virtual museum by giving to the Website Fund

Our target is to raise at least $5000 for this project by December 14, 2012. Because of our global reach, we accept donations in 15 currencies.

Your contribution goes directly to the development and creation of a website that will support our expanding programs, innovative exhibitions, our Girl Culture Archive, and an online Girlhood Resource Center, as well as cool interactive art history and girl culture games for young and old!

When you donate as an individual, your name will go on our Patrons' Roll of Honor and we will invite you to submit a photo of a girl in your family to become part of the Girl Museum collage showcasing the beautiful faces that make up our online community. 

If you make an organizational donation, we can add your logo as well.

Every bit helps, so please spare a thought, and a coin, for girls of today and tomorrow to help Girl Museum raise the bar for online museums everywhere.

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