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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Carrier of Dreams

Music prodigy Alma Deutscher.
Photo: Jenny Goodall

I can authentically declare myself as a big-time follower of kids that have a particular talent in musical instruments. I had no inclination to playing music whatsoever (sorry grandpa about that broken accordion!), so I always thought it was a hard thing to do and looked up to it. The rational way it works is: the younger the age, the bigger the admiration.

Dubbed as the new Mozart, seven year-old Alma Deutscher is a child prodigy in playing and writing classical music. She comes from Dorking in Surrey, UK and has already the asset of having composed her own opera called The Sweeper of Dreams, with which she competed at the English National Opera contest last year. Although she didn't win, she was highly praised and was brought into public attention hereafter. Alma can play the violin and the piano with remarkable skill, while remaining a really adorable kid. Despite the recognition gained, she is very down to earth and her parents manage her success in a sensible way. Alma's study and practice may take up most of her daily time, but she seems to have a balanced girlhood. Her following words are proof: “I don’t mind if I am famous or not, I just want to be good. I look at other composers but I’m not trying to become exactly like Mozart. Yeah, I like him, but I’m going to be like Alma, not Mozart.”

You can enjoy more of Alma on her YouTube channel.

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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