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Monday, December 3, 2012

Girl Guides take a feminist stance

The way we were: English Girl Guides in Hertfordshire in 1950.

Over the last ten years I feel Girl Guides have been forgotten about; for instance, my village no longer has a Girl Guides group and most young girls now join the Scouts, but the Guides are now fighting back.

The new chief executive of the Girl Guides, Julie Bentley, certainly has strong opinions on women's rights and it is hoped that her appointment will lead to the modernisation of the organisation.

Julie, who has previously been Chief Executive of the Family Planning Association and a campaigner supporting abortion rights has called the Guides 'the ultimate feminist organisation.' She states, 'Girls today face real and unique challenges as they grow up. I want our programme to continue responding to those changes, so that we always offer girls what they really need. And I want us to give girls an even louder voice on the issues that matter to them now – so they can help build a society they want to live in. One where they truly have the chance to be everything they can be.'

Recent figures now suggest that despite competition from the Scouts to win new members, the economic downturn seems to be benefiting the Girl Guides, with almost one girl an hour joining up last year and it is hoped that with Julie’s insights into modern girls' issues these numbers will continue to grow. 

-Emma Hatherall
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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