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Monday, December 10, 2012

Girls Mean Business

While browsing the Internet for holiday gift ideas, I ran across several online shops that belong to young girls. My first discovery was on Etsy, a site dedicated to very small businesses selling handmade or vintage items. First, I came across some adorable “Bug Catcher” necklaces (which are now sold out!).  The seller, WHIMSYlove, and one of her daughters came up with the idea a few years ago.  Now the 7 and 9 year-old girls make the necklaces, while mom helps with the hard parts and sells their crafts online. Another shop, TrinketsBaublesChibis features art and handmade goods created by three home-schooled siblings for a school project. The two sisters and their brother make jewelry, sculptures, and drawings to be sold on Etsy.

After finding these small online businesses run by girls, I became curious about other girl-made businesses. With a quick online search, I found an interesting story about a 10 year-old girl who has become a successful fashion designer. Cecilia Cassini has been designing and sewing since age 6. She now has her own online shop and sells her clothes in two California boutiques.

All of these young girls started their businesses by doing something that they enjoy, what a positive message! I think that young girls starting their own business, no matter how small, is an important part of growing up. I know I gained some valuable skills selling Girl Scout Cookies and running my own lemonade stand. At the time, it just seems like a fun way to earn a little money for a new bike, but the money management and people skills that are learned last forever. 

-Hillary Hanel
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc. 

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