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Friday, March 22, 2013

So you want to be an Artist

I bet that many little girls have decided at one point that they wanted to be an artist when they grow up. Later, many of us realize that our crayon stick figures are not as beautiful as we once thought, but that is no reason to give up on being an artist. There are so many different types of artists and art-related careers today. Some are more traditional such as painter, illustrator, or sculptor. But now there are a multitude of newer art forms such as fashion or graphic design and digital photography. The opportunities for aspiring artists are endless.

Art is a career that can be started at any age, with or without formal training. Take Aelita Andre, for example. This little girl from Australia started painting masterpieces before she was even a year old. Her work has been showcased all over the world–pretty impressive for a 6 year-old!

If creating decorative art pieces is not exciting to you, why not try fashion or graphic design? Designers in these fields are in high demand because their artwork is used by many people everyday. Think about how often you wear clothes or see product labels and advertisements–probably dozens of times everyday! Someone had to design those things, and that person could be you! Many designers use computers to create their art, so they get to be a part of the exciting worlds of both art and technology.

If you have an eye for beauty and a creative spirit, you might want to look into photography. Photographers can use either digital or film cameras and can get very creative when choosing what to capture. Photography can capture images of people, scenic views, nature, and so much more. Later, images can be manipulated on software such as Photoshop. Like the other art careers mentioned here, the field of photography is constantly changing.

A career in art can be very exciting! There is so much beauty in the world available to inspire artists, who in turn create more beauty. Art comes in many forms and the career opportunities are very diverse. So break out your old box of paints or colored pencils, find some clay, or get behind the lens of a camera and see what you can do with your creative mind.

-Hillary Hanel
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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