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Friday, May 24, 2013

So you want to be an Environmental Technologist

Britta Riley's TED talk, 2011.

I was watching this inspiring TED talk about how one can enjoy the luxury of keeping a garden within an apartment and I came to realize that there is a whole new specialty in dealing with these kind of worries. It's called environmental technology (aka envirotech), and it conserves the natural environment and resources so as to curb the negative impacts of human involvement. It seems that studies in this field are becoming more common, which might reflect the perhaps mandatory urge of our times to control our environmental impact.

I've declared my love of the outdoors in this blogspace before, so I couldn't help but look further into this promising domain. Britta Riley and her urban farms are an amazing example of saving the world in practice. When you come to think that such a project came to life by used plastic bottles, it is truly unbelievable. If this looks like a plain DIY method, imagine what a passionate scientist could achieve to eventually provide us with simple methods to ameliorate our daily life in a tiny urban apartment.

For all those who think that life in a city is dull and gloomy, well, environmental technologists think otherwise and they promise to change your mind. Maybe we should listen to them more and answer to their call:

"Join us in rediscovering the value of citizens united, and to declare that we are all still pioneers."
-Britta Riley

-Magda Repouskou
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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