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Monday, July 15, 2013

GoldieBlox takes toy world by storm

Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine
Photo courtesy of GoldeBlox

Back in December, we wrote about a new toy for girls that was funded through Kickstarter. Goldie Blox is a girl who uses her engineering skills to solve problems for her friends. Combining construction toys with story books, designer Debbie Sterling created a toy that appeals to both the imaginative, story-telling side and the spatial, construction side.

Less than a year after GoldieBlox received its funding, it's a top seller on Amazon, and is in about 1,000 toy stores in the United States, including 600 Toys "R" Us stores. But Debbie is more excited about the stories she hears than the sales.

"My favorite story was when a mom wrote in about being in a public restroom with her daughter where the toilet paper dispenser was broken," Sterling said. "The girl said, 'Mommy, it’s missing its axle!' She'd learned the vocabulary from GoldieBlox."

With Goldie Blox, girls have finally found a female engineer they can relate with and look up to. This means there's more potential to get girls interested in engineering and other STEM fields from an early age, as well as to better develop their spatial and construction skills, which in turn can build self-confidence in problem-solving abilities. Having the "pink aisle" broken up a bit with GoldieBlox is a great step toward involving more girls in STEM fields in the future.

-Katie Weidmann
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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