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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nothing to Prove

A female Captain America.

Despite awesome girl geeks like actress/singer/gamer Felicia Day, Kari Byron (of Mythbusters fame), and Veronica Belmont, there is still a perception among that girls can't be "real" nerds. Most gamer girls who participate in online gaming, whether it's through Xbox Live or another console, or through games like World of Warcraft, face tremendous amounts of harassment, abuse, and threats, as sites like Fat, Ugly or Slutty and Not in the Kitchen Anymore show. Women and girls went to ComicCon in droves, dressing up as their favorite comic characters and superheroes (and heroines) of their own volition, despite the fact that in most cases, comics and superheroes aren't targeted to them.

Girls and women can be just as geeky, nerdy, or dorky as boys and men. We can love the same things just as much, and in the same ways. And nerd-folk duo The Doubleclicks want to remind people of that with their new song, Nothing to Prove. In their words, "This whole 'fake geek girl' situation, and the wider 'geek elitism' situation, has been a stupid thing stuck in our craw for a while now." The song and video set out to remind people that anyone can be a geek, regardless of gender.

But one day, you grow up, come into your own 
Now geek's not rejection - it's a label I own 
Then ignorant haters come to prove me wrong 
Tell me I'm not nerdy enough to belong


You can stop - never say "fake geek" again 
Our club needs no bouncers - all who want in get in 
But go ahead, if you want, to own that role fully 
I ain't got nothing to prove to a bully!

-Katie Weidmann
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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